Help me 2000 Honda Accord coupe v4 VTech

So today I warmed my car up and tried to go to school at the end of the driveway I heard my car scrape the ground and then kinda get stuck so I put it in drive and I pushed on the gas and I rolled back I threw into park and released the brake again and I shut the car off thinking it would stop (no it didn’t) I looked at the dash before I shut it off and saw it was in park and in drive 1 then I tried to turn on the car again nothing but the light flicked on and I asked my dad to help me push it to the curb and we push it forward to the curb and that’s where I left it it. Can someone help or have a similar situation that has a solution I just turned 18 and have no money

That is the longest run-on sentence I have ever seen.

Why did you post this? Would you like to ask a question? Would you like some help? If so, would you give us some details about the car? Miles on it? Rusty? Why was the car touching the ground? Did you look under the car? Is something hanging down?

Your school is at the end of the driveway ?

There is no way to even guess what is wrong with your car and why would you think someone else had the same situation ?

Well, one thing for sure… The OP should spend whatever amount of money is necessary in order to preserve this extremely rare car. He owns the only Honda Accord ever made with a V-4 engine!


Ask a question and ask for help to problem solve and see how much it’s going to cost me I’m sorry i didn’t have a chance to punctuate my question the catalytic converter is on the ground around 186,745 miles on it

You didn’t ask a question. If the cat is on the ground that is your problem right there. Or at least one of them.

As for repair cost, depends on where you live and how much rust is on the exhaust system. We can’t see it from the internet and don’t know where you live so repair cost is unknown. Check here for an estimate of cost here:

Good luck.

Thanks I guess.

You will probably need it towed to an independent auto shop that does both general services and exhaust work. Request a written estimate before you agree to having work performed. You may have to pay a diagnostic fee.
Tap the mechanic tab at the top of the page, may have a shop in your area, ask around for recommendations.

shift light says park and drive? if motor will not crank than it might be a shifter issue also. you are sure it is cat only hanging down and not something major like the rear subframe? maybe your front end collapsed due to rust?
at least it is home. with a relative close at hand for assistance.

100% sure, I think the cat caught on the lip of the driveway

It might have been hanging lower due to something rusting under there. No money means you need to get dirty yourself or find a friend that is knowledgeable and is willing to help. You can learn in the process. Step one is to fully assess what has failed and then you can make a plan on how to fix it, even if it is only temporary while you save up to fix it right…

cat is attached to motor exh pipes so usually a rusted out pipe is loud. is motor same loudness as usual? hondas are pretty quiet. i think a hole in exhaust would be noticeable.

Well, if a mount(s) rusted and failed, the pipe would hang low and could catch on the driveway apron. It may be loud now…

Go to the nearest independant shop and have them fix the broken part of the exhaust. The cat is usually welded on or secured by exhaust clamps.That should be an easy fix depending on where it broke.

Do you have ramps? You could drive the rear wheels backwards onto the ramps and get a good look. Have someone stick a broom handle into the exhaust pipe and lift while you back up. Maybe some coat hanger wire will hold it up for a short trip to the mechanic.

I know that you know what you wanted to find out, but, without punctuation, whoever reads it has no idea of what you are asking.

Perhaps other 18 year old’s , who communicate mostly by texts, could understand you, but I don’t
know if they know anything about cars.


Sounds like the gear shift cable is disconnected, the exhaust system is a different problem.