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Help! I need to know the name of this part

Ford Edge 2007. There is a white plastic piece next to my blower that seems to have broken. I want to do a little research to see if this is something I can tackle or if I need to take it in. I just need a jumping off point and the name of the part would be very helpful. When the green plug is unplugged it’s fine but when I plug it in it makes a horrible clicking noise. I took a picture to show where the blower motor is in reference to the white part I believe snapped. (I’m pointing to the part I need the name of) also if you know what it does that would be great because it doesn’t seem to be affecting anything.

Blend door actuator.,2007,edge,3.5l+v6,1434490,heat+&+air+conditioning,heater+blend+door+actuator,10721


The linkage for the recirculation (air inlet) door actuator is broken.

You should get that fixed before it gets too cold.

Thanks guys! I got the part off rock auto and it’s something I can replace myself. You guys are awesome.

I’m curious, which one did you buy; the blend door actuator or the air inlet/recirculation door actuator?