HELP! I messed up my husband's truck... :(

This morning I was in a rush and I forgot to do the “WAIT START” process for my husband’s 99 Dodge Ram truck and now it won’t start :frowning: I am so dead… Please help! Email me at

It was working fine before this. When I started the truck it started really rough and then I realized I forgot the “WAIT START” and turned it off immediately then started it up again in the correct process… waited till all the lights were off and the “WAIT START” light went off and then started it, it chokes and won’t start… I AM SO DEAD. I had begged him to leave me the truck to do errands in while he used our new car to commute to work. PLEASE HELP!!!

Not sure what to tell you. If it has been an hour or so, try to start the truck again using the correct waiting process. The wait is to let “glow plugs” get up to temp to help get the diesel running. Since it was running before it likely would have smoothed out if you just had let it run for another 30 seconds or so. Shutting it down may have flooded it.

Anyway just try again and I hope it fires up normally for you.

Pull out the owners manual for the truck, and see if there is a procedure in it for starting a flooded engine. If there is, follow it to the letter.


What does anyone want to bet that the husband got home and fired it up and all is well.

Hopefully she fired it up and all is well. Can you flood a diesel?

“Flooding” with too much fuel can cause the incoming fuel from the injector to be quenched and increasing the volume of excess liquid fuel even more. And diesel has a very high evaporation point so it is difficult to get it out of the cylinders other than extended cranking with the throttle closed. With glow plugs the engine should start but it will not be friendly for the first minute that it runs. But the big Dodges with Cummins engines are not really too friendly to the uninitiated.

If anyone could mess up a diesel it would be my sister. Full tank of 89 octane one day (she said she thought all green colored pump handels ment diesel, not true, cost about 6 bills and the gas to make things right). Well she made it through a F-250 without killing it so you should be fine after the truck finally starts. I have blown through the “wait start” many times with the diesels FORD and GM use.