Help! High revving idle on my 2001 crv

I bought a 2001 crv late last year. It was running fine for a couple of months but then it wouldn’t start at all. I replaced the timing belt and now it starts but it has a high revving idle. It’ll immediately jump up to 5000 rpm then drop to about 1000 repeatedly. I’ve checked for apparent vacuum leaks and found none. The throttle wasn’t moving when it was revving. I cleaned the throttle body which seems to be working fine. If you have any ideas on what the issue is your help is greatly appreciated

The Idle Air Control valve may be defective.


The IAC valve controls he engine idle speed under all conditions.



Is it possible that the valve timing is very wrong so much so that it has very little torque at 1000 RPM which makes the idle air control valve open, then it gains torque around 1500 RPM and goes in to run away until it reaches 5000 RPM, where the IAC valve closes all the way, and the cycle continues over and over?

I’m just kind of entertaining myself with ideas here. You could unplug the IAC valve and see what happens.