HELP, HELP, left side heat and right cold

I am leaving for Alaska on Monday and I need an answer fast. The service people have spent 4 hours on the problem of no heat, but driving home, I noticed the unusual problem of left side having heat and right being cold.

Thanks, Tom

Make mode and year of car might help. You could have a vacuum problem or maybe some air in the system or … What did the service people send 4 hours checking?

I don’t see how it could be air in the system since it’s obvious the heating system is working (he has heat on the left but not right).

Sounds like a door that directs the air flow is not working properly. Why??? Impssible to diagnose over the net.

Normally I could not see how it could be air in the system, but some cars have more than one heater box, usually front and back, but someone has to have put two in the front. :slight_smile: