HELP! Haven't started '02 Saab 9-3 in 1 year!

One of my colleagues came back from the store, and surprised a guy lying under his car, undoubtedly up to no good

He dragged him out by the legs, and proceeded to beat him to a pulp :head_bandage:

That sucker got what he deserved :punch:

IMO thieves are parasites on society . . . they essentially serve no useful purpose, except to survive, at somebody else’s expense

probably just a homeless guy trying to find a cozy place to sleep.

I think not

There were tools visible

A homeless mechanic, known as Crusty.:wink:

I only know of “Crusty the clown”


Naw Crusty was the old mechanic that the boys on the radio would refer to once in a while. I remember the show where he had the big bottle of aspirins that he’d put in the thermostat to help bleed it. At any rate around here there was a fad where these guys would cut the cats off of cars parked in park and rides and so on. Haven’t heard much about it the last few years but they’d use battery angle grinders to cut the things off. Nice guys. Then they stole the street light cables in St. Paul once. They get about $500 worth of scrap and cause $20,000 in damage. Some would suggest just paying them not to steal would be cheaper. (I jest)

There is actually a bill in the Washington DC legislative that would pay “would be” criminals up to $9000 NOT to commit crimes. I don’t know where the bill stands at the moment. It’s my understanding that Richmond, California already has a similar program in place.

OK so can I declare myself to be a “criminal” to get an additional $9000 a year? I’d like that.

Certainly many congressmen and senators should sign up, too.

How did we get stupid enough to propose such a bill???

This has to be the idiotic law of the century.

It’s not that we are stupid, it’s the legislators that are stupid. But we already knew that.


The D.C.Plan has been abandoned.

Here’s the Snopes article on The Richmond, CA plan.

Newer cars have anti-rollover valves in the filler neck to prevent spillage in an accident. So siphoning is very difficult if not impossible now because of those obstructions. So thieves resorted to punching a hole in the bottom of the tank to collect the gas. It’s died down with $2/gal gas but I expect it will come up again if gas hits historically high levels again…

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@mustangman, why should our elected representatives take a big payola cut?

Not sure they would take a cut… are you assuming they would STOP stealing if they received the $9K?

I don’t! :grinning: