Help, Fuses Blowing then loud engine knock, bad engine?

They probably are not related but at the same time first my dash lights, then windows quit. I took the car in and they replaced the fuse. It worked for a day then out first windows then dash, then very quiet knock. Then loud knock like a lawn mower. I drove it to the mechanic and said the engine is blown…they don’t do it but they gave me a name $6,000. I don’t know what to do. We have taken good care of the car and there were no sounds or problems until this. No water or oil leaks. Is there anything else this can be? any temporary fix? The car has 110,000 miles

From the sound of things you’re describing, it could very well be a blown engine. However $6000.00 is very high an estimate. You might want to tow (do not drive this thing at all) to a knowledgeable independent shop (that means no Jiffy Lube, Pepboys, meineke, etc) for a second oppinion.

The fact that oil is not dripping, does not mean oil is not disappearing out the tailpipe, easpecially at this mileage. Before this issue, when was the last time you checked the oil level ?