Help ! did i just screw up?

I think I may have made a big mistake; I just purchased a used 1993 Nissan Hard Body 4x4 pick up with an automatic trans. I towed it home using a dolly, but stopped every 20 miles are so to run the motor for 3-4 min. For some reason with the tcase in neutral I was dragging a wheel so I towed it in 2wd with the trans in neutral. Now I get home and I can?t get the truck off the dolly because the truck seems to have NO reverse and VERY limited forward (the truck will move forward against the brakes but not like it should)… The fluid is not burnt and I know it was OK when I purchased it… DID I MAKE A BIG BIG Mistake, or am I just missing something??

Personally, I think you fried the transmission. For this long tow, you should have disconnected the driveshaft from the rear axle and tied it off under the truck. 20 miles was too long to pull without lubrication to the transmission. And, towing it with the engine running is out of the question.

That is my fear, I have done this 100 times with other vechicals and have NEVER had a probelm… Thats why i stoped just for extra insurance.

PS I dont know if it matters but its like 25 degrees hear as well… So its not like anything could have over heated??

OK UPDATE: Just was playing with it some more, and in R it does nothing but in nutral it wants to pull forword (kind of hard), and in drive as well (does not feel as hard as N)… Also aparently the speedo was woring on my trip home because the tripometer shows an extra 70 miles… Now I am wondering if the shifter is messed up, although I tried to “FIND” R and park seems to work right. and EVERY thing worked when I purchased it.

NEVER tow an automatic with the drive wheels on the ground. Whats probably happened since the engine was not running the transmission was operating dry, it overheated and you have some clutches and steels welded together. This is why it wants to pull in neutral. I think you toasted it…


The speedo SHOULD have additional miles on it, since the speedo is cable driven and attached to the output shaft of the transmission which was turning for the entire trip. If your lucky, the shifter is just out of adjustment. Readjust the shifter to see if it works. You may have gotten luck if it does. There is a larger movement between ‘Park’ and ‘Reverse’ than there is between ‘Reverse’, ‘Neutral’, and ‘Drive’.

BTW, don’t you have friends to help push this truck off the dolly? I used a dolly to bring my last project home. It is a basket case, with the entire drivetrain except the rear axle in the back of my truck. It took three of us to push the car off the dolly and into the garage.

I have towed all kinds cars/trucks automatic and sticks never had a problem. I knew powerglides would blow if towed with the rear wheels on the ground, but this being a newer truck… All well If Trans man says Im screwed; Im screwed…&%$#$#%%$$## !!!