HELP! Car won’t start. New alternator and battery

The place where the key fob is inserted on my wife’s 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee had a recall on it. The Jeep would either not crank without any lights coming on or the dash would light like a Christmas Tree but not crank. Can’t remember the name of the part.

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Also people having tons of weight on their key FOB would pull the switch over just a little and cause problems.

Hi Lisa. I get that you’re frustrated, but please don’t call anybody stupid.


You say the lights and other accessories worked while the trouble happens. One possibility for the trouble could be from worn and dirty starter solenoid contacts. The click you hear when the trouble happens may be those contacts closing but they could be worn out enough that the cold weather is just enough to cause the connection to fail. Those contacts supply high current power to the starter motor. Replacing the starter is the best way to solve the issue but you can usually just replace contacts in the solenoid. Another possible issue is your main battery cable to the starter has internal corrosion inside of it. This can happen when battery acid leaches into the wire strands at the battery connection. If that is the trouble then replacing the wire lead will solve the issue. If the click you are hearing is coming from the starter solenoid and not a different one, then the trouble is most likely caused by one of those two issues.

With out seeing your battery cables and connections, should be clean and tight.

My guess would be the starter solenoid or the bushings for the armature are worn.
If the connections are clean and tight, I myself would just replace this 8 year old starter.

A good fully charged battery should read 13.6 volts even when the engine isn’t running. A battery reading 10.5 volts has a bad cell.

a 12 volt battery isn’t likely to read 13.6 volts with out assistance from the alternator.


Nah, I would take it to another autozone get more inputs. Let them start from fresh. It certainly sounds like the battery or alternator. If it were the starter it would do it intermittently, not whenever it is cold or warmed up. But stranger things have happened.

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It was the starter. The car runs perfectly now, absolutely no problems whatsoever.