Help Car Talk! We Need An Image of a Subaru BRAT's Rear Seats

Hi Folks,
Car Talk is working on a story that hinges on the right image. We need an original image (not one found on the interweb) of a Subaru BRAT’s rear seats. A highlight of the handle grips would also be a big help. If you own a BRAT and would love to see your image credit appear at Car Talk, please shoot us some pics. Thanks very much!

Would it not be quicker to do a Google search for a Subaru Brat for sale ( I found several ) and see if they would send you pictures with the possibility of the vehicle being featured in your article .

We may do that, but we thought it would be great to involve the readership a bit and this is one easy way to have a reader help contribute to a story. Thanks for the suggestion.


Deleted. Not original pics

Those aren’t pictures you personally took. You found them on the interweb.
They are someone else’s and there would be copyright issues.

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I could only find two posts by members who owned a Brat - one in 2011 by @Barr77 with one response, and one in 2009 by @Fit4DJ who listed a Brat as one of 14 cars they had owned:
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So there probably aren’t may folks out there with personal Brat pics…