Help car lurches and lunges

Have a 02 lexus gs300 that on occasion will lunge forward violently when you are coming to a stop for instance at a parking space. This has caused me to hit 2 concrete parking blocks and to come over a curb. this is really scary and dealer and mechanics said unless they can recreate problem they can’t help much. Any ideas please?

Do I understand correctly that unless the dealer’s mechanics are in the car and it lurches into 2 concrete blocks, and goes over a curb, that they can’t help?
Call the regional Lexus representative with this problem. Make a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Agency.
This lurching could be caused by many things. The mechanics could, at least, try to find a cause. A few possibilities: 1. The throttle hanging up. 2. The cruise control “working” the throttle. 3. The IAC (Idle Air Control) valve going full open. 4. This, someone will mention: your foot hitting the gas pedal, instead of the brake pedal. 5. Carpet (rug) caught on the gas pedal. 6. etc.,
Have a reputable independent shop check it out. Consider having the cruise control disconnected, just in case.

yep, that’s right, oh after they advised me it would be $95 hourly service charge. thanks for the suggestions

cruise control is not active at parking lot speeds,and never will be…so count that b/s of the list