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Help! Can't get my hub off!

The outer bearing on my F350 Dana 60 hub fragged itself while i was driving the other day. I got all the way to the spindle nut, got that off, but my rotor & hub wont come off. Am I missing a c-clip or something? Help me out here!

If that outer bearing spun on the spindle, it may have welded itself to the spindle. And when that happens, you take an oxy/acetylene outfit and torch out the outer bearing and replace the spindle too.


There are TWO spindle nuts, with a retaining washer between them…

I got both nuts & the retaining washer. My hub is still stuck on my axle & I can’t get it off.

Will the hub rotate?


Clean the area inside the hub so you can clearly see the bearing. Is the inner race blue and discolored from the heat? With care, using a long, heavy punch and a heavy hammer, you should be able to break up the bearing so all the rollers fall out and the hub will slide off…Then you can attack the race on the spindle.

As Tester pointed out, if you have access to a cutting torch and can use it skillfully, the blue wrench will make quick work of it. Either way, clean out the axle tube with a magnet stick after you get it off…

Thanks. A few of the rollers have fallen out already, so hopefully I’ll be able to punch the rest out

Only stuck hub I ever had to deal with, I handled by putting the arms of a large wheel puller onto the hub, the center screw onto the end of the spindle, and screwing it down. It pushed the axle right out of the hub. I have no idea whether that would work for you or whether we are even talking about the same problem.

This is a Dana 60 full-floating truck hub. The axle has been removed. There is no center-point to pull against, the “spindle” is a hollow tube…With the outer bearing “disassembled” the hub should slip off, leaving the race stuck to the spindle, but out in the open…