Helicopter Noise AND Hot lug nuts

This is for an automatic 2013 Honda Civic 1.8L with 115k miles (mainly highway)

The car makes a loud noise when driving. Noise becomes a helicopter noise specifically when turning. It is coming from the front of the car. Additionally, after half hour of driving, with minimal breaking, front lug nuts are HOT, while back lug nuts are not hot to the touch.

I have had the wheels balanced and rotated and the noise presists. What do folks think this noise is? How should I confirm this?

I think it maybe:

  1. Wheel bearing
  2. CV axle
  3. Sticking caliper
    But not sure how to diagnose/confirm… Thanks for the help!

Instead of having the wheels balanced and rotated, perhaps you should have told the shop your symptoms and had them diagnose and repair the problem. It’s common for people to think they know what might be causing a problem, take the car to a shop, and tell the shop what tasks to perform. It often doesn’t resolve the problem.

My wild guess is a bad bearing or a really bad CV joint, but let the mechanic do the diagnosis. I don’t have the car in front of me. I’m just guessing.