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Heating will not work

How do I fix my heating? I’ve refilled the antifreeze and it still blows cool air. Is it the heating core?

There are several reasons possible for not getting hot air. First, the air door of you heater may be stuck in the A/C air position.

Secondly, your heater core could be COMPLETELY plugged. If so, this would be unsual, unless the car has high mileage and you have have not done any cooling system maintenance. Just changing the anti-freeze will not unclog the heater core.

Some cars have a coolant control valve that opens when the heater is turned on; If that does not work, no fluid flows through the heater core.

An additional reason could be a thermostat stuck in the open position; however, that would give you WARM air when the engine is up to speed.

Please give us the make, model, year and mileage, and what service you have done to the cooling sysem since you bought the car. Please also tell us if you ave used significant quantities of Stop-Leak or similar stuff to fix a leak.

Changing the antifreeze won’t do much if you can’t get the it to flow through he heater core.

From you brief statement and lack of background info it’s impossible to give helpful advice.

First, please give us an indication of your mechanical skills and your automotive repair expertise.

If, as I surmise from your screen name, your mechanical skills and automotive repair expertise are…not great…then you need to take the car to a well-reputed independent mechanic for diagnosis and repair. Among the problems that the mechanic may find on your mystery vehicle are a bad cooling system thermostat, a blocked heater core, trapped air in the heater core, or…

If you post back with some additional information on the car (Make, model, model year, odometer mileage, engine type, complete maintenance history) and on your own ability to repair the car, some of us can give more specific advice.

I’ve refilled the antifreeze and it still blows cool air.

Well that sounds like we are not getting the full story. Why did you need to re-fill the antifreeze? Make model and year of car please.

It might just need burping.