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Heater temp

I have a 2002 Ford Ranger extended cab, V6. In the winter, with the water temp. normal and the temp on the heater all the way to HOT, the air is fairly warm; but, when I turn left, the air becomes an oven. This only happens when I turn left. My dealer can’t figure it out, and I think it is a water flow problem. Whats up?

Sounds like a blender door is loose and not opening correctly. Then when you turn left it opens up fully - and only letting in hot air…not blending in colder air.

I’ll goive it a try. Thanks for the response.

It could also be air trapped in the heater core. One of the coolant lines to the core may need to be loosened to allow the air to escape. This needs to be done on a cold engine with the engine running.

I’m with bustedknuckles!