I have a 1997 Ford Taurus Wagon.

My heater blows luke warm air at best.

Does anyone know what might be the cause of this, and how much it might cost to get fixed?

Thank You.


You can disconnect the hoses to heater at the engine block and reverse the flow of water thru the heater core with a water hose. Flush it a while and check the hoses for blocks as well. Seems to be common on Fords to stop up the heater core with rust and sludge. LEE


Check to be certain that the engine is coming up to operating temperature. If it isn’t, the problem is probably a defective thermostat. If the engine is not warming up to operating temperature, the heater will not put out warm air. The cost of a new thermostat is very low. This cost should be less than $50 I would guess. If your problem is the thermostat, replacing it will also improve the gasoline mileage, since an engine that runs too cool doesn’t get its best mileage.


Exactly, the only thing to add is if there is a bypass hose, crimp it shut with channel locks while flushing out the heater core.