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Heater problem on 1995 Honda Accord

I’m assuming you didn’t have the “temp control line” repaired.

The temperature control line that broke is connected to flap, or door, inside the HVAC system. This flap controls air temperature by directing air through either the heater core or the AC evaporator, or a blend of the two. This flap is sometimes referred to as the “blend door,” because it can blend hot and cold air to achieve something in between.

I think your blend door is stuck mostly in the cold position, and is directing little or no air through the heater core. Fix the broken connection to the blend door and you should regain control of the air temperature.

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by: hendersonlasvegas 12/29/2008 6:59:52 AM

Re: Re: I have little heat coming from the vents on my 95 Homda Accord

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I took the hose off the blend door and have set it in the “open” position. (no, I didnt want to pay thru the nose to replace the cable…I here that they (or me) would have to tear the dashboard apart to do this repair. When the cable first broke, I used my hand to move this valve to the open position. Now, I dont get any heat…or very little only when I put on the defroster. Could this be the fuse that controls the heater? Or should I take off both hoses near the top of the firewall and (gently) apply water pressure to blow out any possible clog?

Are both of the hoses going to and from the heater core hot when the engine is warmed up? If so, then the core is hot, too. If not, the core is not getting good flow and not getting hot. The heater core has to get hot if you want any heat in the car.

If the core is hot the problem has to be with the airflow doors. If the core is not getting hot, it is the problem.

The only fuse in the heat circuit is for the fan, and you said that works, so the fuse is not the problem.