Heater in VW Rabbit?

Ok,so on these cold days of below zero, I admit to not being real “green”–I like to get the interior compartment at least above zero before I drive off. Works fine in my Ford, but the other half has a 2007 VW Rabbit, and it NEVER gets warm until you’ve drive 15 minutes or so. He says dealer checked it, and that the heater does not work when the engine is in idle, but that is how it is designed (the fan does blow, but only cold air). I say this seems odd, I mean, what if you get stuck in traffic, or stuck in a snowbank, and it is very cold out…are you going to freeze to death because your heater does not work?

Anyone have any ideas?

First, I assume you are not speaking of a diesel engine Rabbit. Right?

The gasoline model should warm up at idle, even if it is not good for the car or the environment. I would expect it to take a little longer than some cars as it is a bit more economical and therefore makes a little less waste heat, which is what heats the interior of the car.

Now that said, there are a few other possibilities.  As long as the engine is cold and you do not have the defrost/fog or or the A/C on, no fan should be running at the radiator.  

One additional possibility.  I don' believe they are on the 2007 Rabbit gasoline cars, but some have had heater plugs to help warm up the coolant and produce heat faster.  They were on some diesel engines  that take longer to warm up, and I believe I heard that they were on some gasoline models. 

Good Luck