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I have a new VW Tiguan that has a strange characteristic. With the heating control set on “Auto” and the temp at 72 or so, the car heats up fine, but when the set temp is reached, the heat shuts off, but the fan keeps blowing, bringing cold outside air in. The dealer says this is the way the Germans desinged it, but that seems a bit strange to me. Are they taking a copout?

As always in these cases with extremely new cars,make then show you on another one that it is working as designed.

Any air colder than ambient will feel “cold” because of wind chill. If it’s operating properly than Germans are indeed cold blooded. I’d check temp v one on climate control with my own gauge…also air temp at outlets.
I’d also ask dealer where temp sensor is located.

I’m skeptical of the dealer’s answer. But I had a Volvo that would bring in “fresh” air from the middle top vents even when the auto temp system was operating. Europeans tend to like this “fresh” air concept and Volvo is not the only Euro car that has this feature. Since the Tiguan is basically a retuned Chrysler product I wonder if the heating/cooling system was changed by the Germans. On my Volvo I was able to close the offending “vents” and was able to live with it.

“Since the Tiguan is basically a retuned Chrysler product…”

I believe that you are confusing the VW Tiguan with the VW Routan. The Routan is a Chrysler mini-van with a few VW styling touches and a VW badge.

The Tiguan is a VW design, though and through. I will leave it up to you to decide whether that is a positive or a negative, but it is a VW underneath the “skin”, not a re-badged Chrysler product.