Heater fan

the heater/ac fan is very noisy…i’m guessing this indicates a new blower motor?

or is there an easier fix?

'94 gmc jimmy

also, sometimes when turn signal is activated, the wipers come on, replace the switch?

Replace the blower motor.

Replace the multi-function switch.


The blower motor might just be filled with dead leaves and other debris. You can have the blower motor and squirrel cage cleaned for a nominal price, and it might fix the problem. It could be the bearing, but you won’t know until you or a mechanic takes the blower apart.

If the blower motor is under the passenger side of the dash, make sure you don’t accidentally activate the passenger airbag.

at autozone, they have 2 different blowers…one goes clockwise the other goes counter clockwise…how do i tell which one i need? either way, i’m going to replace it, it’s only around 50 bucks…but i need to know which one to get…

Weird, very weird, that they can not tell you which motor you need. I suppose you have to change over your old squirrel cage. That type of blower will move air in either direction with the same cage, but much less efficiently if you have the wrong direction. The only things I can suggest are to try a different store or take your out and power it up making sure you have the polarity right.

Perhaps you should take your old blower to the auto parts store to make sure you get the right one.

Remove the old blower motor. Plug the connector back into it and turn it on. Watch which way the squiral cage fan rotates.


This is a jimmy like a small Chevrolet Blazer? If I remember correctly access for the blower motor is from under the hood and the evaporator housing is marked where you have to cut it (its plastic) perhaps I am thinking of the wrong vehicle/year model.