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Heater core

In detail how do i replace a heater core on a 1997 monte carlo?

1.) Go to your local auto parts store.
2.) Purchase the appropriate Haynes manual and heater core for your car.
3.) Return home.
4.) Let the car cool off.
5.) Follow the directions in the Haynes manual to change the heater core.

This Sounds Pretty Tedious …

There is a lot of disassembly involved … under dash panels, glove box, console, (if epuipped), knee bolster, heater ducts, heater core cover, heater tube brackets, hoses, and possibly rotatating the engine forward to allow clearance.

Unless some kind person who has done one responds, you would be way farther ahead to obtain a Service Manual or visit your library and get copies from a manual, covering this procedure on your specific Make, Model, year, vehicle.

Disconnect the battery.

Drain the coolant.

Remove air cleaner and duct.

Remove hoses from heater core.

Remove center console.

Remove both left/right sound insulators from under the dash.

Remove rear floor duct.

Remove cover from heater box.

Remove the heater core.