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Heater core replacement

I may have to replace the heater core on my 1990 Celebrity. Does anybody know if this is done from under the hood, or inside the car, under the dash? How difficult is this?


Autozone has a online repair manual for the Celebrity, you will have to register on the site to access it. Step by step instructions can be accessed by selecting; Chassis Electrical, Heater, Heater Core.

since it is a 1990, replacement is very likely needed.

but if you are lucky, you may use a pressured hose and shoot it backwards into the outlet and try to dislodge whatever is clogging the core. this may be done by only removing the two in/out hoses at the firewall/engine side.

Thanks for the reply and info guys.

This repair is done from both underhood and underdash/behind glovebox area near the firewall. Sometimes just removing the glovebox will give you the info. you want i.e. whether you want to continue with the repair. If the car has A/C it will be a little more difficult under the hood.

it was a terrible job on an Isuzu pickup. Furthermore, the parts store gave me the wrong part. I like the advice about trying to unclog it. Did it leak all over your floor?

Clogged?? Says who? I suspect it’s leaking…They are never fun to change…

Apparently my guess at the source of the leak was wrong. I took it to a shop, and they “resealed the thermostat housing.” Are there two thermostats on my car? I replaced the thermostat a few years back, and it was on the other side of the engine. Or maybe they just listed this part as such, but it’s really something else. It looks like a “tee” fitting, is near the water pump housing, and has two hoses coming off of it. One leads to the heater core. Maybe I’ll take a pic of it later today and post it. BTW, the work was $60, which included about two gallons of antifreeze to top off the system, and bleeding the air out.