Heater actuator doors



This last winter we were having a good deaert rain storm i had to turn on my heatee and defroster for the whole day … Since than i believe the actuator doors are stuck in the open position … Its now summertime. And its already god awful hot without thw hot air blowing up unfer the dash …Help


With the heat controls turned all the way off and in defrost mode, do you get cold air blowing out the defrost vent? On my GM I do as defrost mode activates the ac unit.


pontiac bonneville

Manual or automatic climate control?

  1. Pontiac bonneville manual controls


Check if fuse #33, 10 amp is blown in the rear fuse box.



I own a Bonneville and have all the Factory Service Manuals, etcetera, but without a model-year, I’m sorry, but I’m out. :expressionless:


I said its an 04 i thought . its non super charged 3.8 v6 and has manual air