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Headlitght wont turn on

my 1994 chevy suburban 1500 front headlight wont come on when turn swicth on but all the other lights work check fuse back light turn single break light all work but not the front i no it cant be the lite buld since i put new one about 3 mths ago so i was wondering what else should i check or should i just buy a new swicth everything work just no front headlight any info will really help

Check the bulb(s) to make sure they are still good. If neither headlight works check the headlight relay.

Check the power to the light (at the light) where it plugs in. If it has power its the light

do you know were the relay is located at cuz both are good bulbs but wont come on not even the brite

were is the realy located at

Is it “A” headlight or both headlights. If it one headlight its not the relay

it’s both wont come on but everything else work

it’s both wont come on but everything else work

The relays might be inside the power distribution panel under the hood.

If they ar halogen headlights you have to make sure not to touch the bulb as that can cause premature failure. Checking for power at the bulb socket is where you should start.

If you’re saying that high & low beams are BOTH not working then you need a new dash switch.

The dash switch sends voltage to the dimmer switch.

“Flash to pass” bypasses the dash switch to turn on the high beams & i bet that still works.