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Headlights wont turn off

Can anyone help?
i have an hyundi accent 1997 and the headlights wont turn off.i have had new fuses, relays and on/off stalk.the only way to turn them off is to take out the fuse which is a pain.
someone has suggested install a switch across the fusible link but didnt have the details for me to follow.

Did you have those fuses, on/off switch and stalk changed after or before you started having this problem?
Are the tail lights on as well?
Does this car have DRL? (ie Daylight Running Lights - are the head lights normally running on when you’re driving?)

The switch controls the head and tail. so if your tail lights are off with the key off, it likely isn’t the switch. There’s a relay for just the head lights so that one could have its contacts shorted.
If you have DRL, it could be acting up, thinking it needs to have the light on.

Find a shop that is familiar with automotive electrics. A few minutes, maybe an hour with a wiring diagram should be all that is needed by a good mechanic to find the problem. It’s the intermittent problems that are really tough. I won’t guess how much time would be required to correct the problem.

Agree, a little time in a shop is all that’s needed. I think you’ve got a couple wires melted together. Don’t go to whoever has been putting all those parts in though but someone competent to trace a circuit.

Agree with Bing… Those mufti-function stalk switches can be troublesome…it’s probably the wiring connector inside the steering column that feeds the stalk switch…They tend to get hot, melt, and short out…

You haven’t been manipulating the switch to get both the high and low beams on together have you? That’s a sure way to melt the switch and/or the wiring…