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Headlights Turn Off from Brakes, Downhills, and Turns

Hi I have a Toyota Prius 2009 and recently my headlights will turn off if I brake, go downhill, or turn. The thing is I can just turn them on and off and they will be on again. When researching the issue I found this.

Would this be a solution to my problem by bringing this up to a Toyota dealer or would this not cover it anymore or is it a different issue all together. Any troubleshooting recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you.

It states “eligible Prius owners”. Due to the age of your vehicle and that the class action suit is 8 years old, I suspect you are not covered. But I am not a lawyer.

The worst they can do is say No . But you need it fixed and with a Prius I think a dealer is best.


Definitely worth a call and visit. Here is the letter on that suit.

That news article was accurate, Toyota did extend the warranty on the Prius HID bulbs to 5 years/50,000 miles, not 10 years, it has expired.

Failing HID bulb can shut off at any time, I don’t know if your problem is really related to diving down hill or turning. You might consider replacing the bulbs.

I went to the dealer. They said it wasn’t covered. Has anyone heard of this problem before or is it just a failing HID bulbs and I have to replace them? I’m pretty certain this happens with brakes, downhills, and turns because every time I drive to work thats the only time they turn off.

If you mean by warranty that is correct. Put new bulbs in and if you still have the problem then you will need to pay to have it fixed.

This is most often caused by an out-of-adjustment switch . Or, in the case of the hydraulic pressure switch , internal brake line corrosion may be causing residual pressure, which in turn allows the switch to stay closed (effectively turning the brake lights on).

You got that all wrong in regards to the OP’s problem.

His problem is he steps on the brakes and his headlights go off.

And bunch of scattered words in bold letters all over a post makes reading difficult