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Headlights not working after accident

I have a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am and the headlights stopped working after a minor accident. The car rear-ended a truck at about 5 to 10 mph.There was no damage to the truck. The only visible damage to the car is a crinkled/cut bumper cover. But now the headlights don’t work. If I turn the lights on and hold the hi/lo switch back, the headlights will go on and go off when I release. But I can’t get them to stay on. The turn signals work fine.
Any ideas on how to fix this, will be greatly appreciated.

Mom had something similar happen on a Nissan. Both low beam bulbs shot due to the heat on the element and the accident shock.

Do you have any notifications on the dash the Drive running lights are not working? Maybe pick up one new bulb and swap it to see if that is it.

#1 check fuses.
#2 it could be the bulbs.
Bulb fillements can be jarred enough to break. You can bench test bulbs with any 12v power and some jumper wires to see if both high and low fillements are working.
#3 check wires and plugs . Did wires get pinched or plugs knocked loose ? Pinched wires may have blow the fuse although not being currently pinched now.