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Headlights Dim

Hey all,

I have a 2001 ford focus and have been having problems with the headlights. They seem to be overly dim when not using the highbeams. I have noticed that the highbeam indicator dash light is very dimly lit when the regular headlights are on and then all returns to normal when I use the highbeams (the indicator light is normally lit and the highbeams seem to be of a normal brightness) any thoughts? is there a slight short somewhere?


The high-beam indicator lamp should not light at all when you are using the low-beams…I suspect the dimmer switch, probably a “multi-function” steering column stalk switch, is the problem…It also could be a bad bulb, with a broken filament shorting inside the bulb…

It could also be a poor ground connection in the headlight circuit.
I would use a voltmeter and measure the voltage from each ground wire at the bulbs and the negative battery post, with the lowbeams on.
Should be no more then a few tenths of a volt.