Headlights coming on by themselves

The Headlights on my 2001 Chevy Blazer will come on by themselves. The Headlight switch is in the off position. It will Switch between the daytime running lights and nighttime lights. What Is causing This?

It could be the switch itself, frayed wires that are touching together, or a bad control module.

That’s the way it’s designed to work; they come on automatically. There should be a button right next to the switch that says “Dome Override”. With the vehicle on, push that button 4 times quickly and you will hear a ding, and your headlights will go off. You have to do this each time you turn the truck off and back on. That is the only way to turn the headlights off with the vehicle running. There is a sensor on the dashboard right in the center that tells the system to put on the running lights or the headlights. If you really hate the running lights, you have to take the bulbs and break them, but leave them in the sockets. If you just take them out, the truck will automatically turn on the normal headlights to compensate.