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Headlights are blinding me

While driving I have a “spotlight” to the left that shine’s into the trees and basicly blinds me especially when it’s foggy. When I pull up to a garage door or wall, the lights look straight, (which is also what the mechanic told me yesterday. But this morning while driving to work, in the dark, I’m still getting the same problem. It shines about two or three car lenghts infront of me so to take it back the mechanic I don’t think will help…any suggestions?

has this been happening all along, or something new? been bumped into , or had body damage done?

Having personally experienced this phenomenon a number of years ago, I have a non-automotive suggestion for you:

Have your eyes checked for the presence of developing cataracts!
There is more than one type of cataract, and some can develop at much earlier ages than you might expect. I had one cataract removed at ~50 years of age, and the second one removed at ~53.

After cataract surgery–voila–no more glare from headlights, either my own or someone else’s.

It actually started about a year ago. I’ve just lived with it until now. The first time I remember it doing this was after I had gone to Auto Zone and had the headlight replaced. There wasn’t any damage done to my knowledge.

What kind of headlights? The good ol’ replaceable sealed beam units or the newer kind where only the bulb is replaced? What year is the car?

There could be some focusing element or baffle inside that got knocked out of place when you hit a big pothole.

The car is an 2003 Grand Am. I believe just the bulb was replaced. How do I find the focusing element or baffel?

Enna, are you ignoring this idea?

When is the last time you had an eye exam performed by an Optamologist or an Opthalmologist (rather than an Optomatrist)?


No, I’m not ignoring this idea, but financially right now, I don’t have money to go to another doctor. I’m just hoping for a quick fix for my light. I will keep this in mind and make an appt to get my eyes checked…they haven’t been for years. Thanks, Enna

So this bulb has been replaced in the past? There are a lot of cheap, low quality bulbs out there that will give a poor beam pattern. The elements inside the bulb have to be in proper position. Stick with a name brand like Sylvania, not the cheap Chinese junk you might find at some gas stations.

Here in Mexico are some older people who simply cannot comfortably drive at night. One is a 61 year old doctor who drives like a maniac in the daytime, but he hates to drive after dark on these mountain roads.

A cousin can barely see with oncoming lights. He always is flashing his lights, because he thinks theirs are on brights, even when they are not.

Some people get some relief with night driving glasses. They are a very light color, look yellow to the naked eye, but I have tried them, and they do a color shift of headlights more into the yellow, which for me reduces the glare somewhat. But, do be careful until you prove they do not reduce your dark vision as well.

I go to an eye doctor of some sort, I think perhaps not a Ophthalmologist but his system is very automated. So, he tells me my night vision on the system which says 20/20 is normal. I think last time my night vision was 20/40, which he said was still safe to drive, but he would keep me posted. And, yes, he said there are very slow growing cataracts in there, but it may be a long time before they need removal.

The visit to the opthamologist should happen.

However, since the problem started when the light was replaced, perhaps you should just have the bulb replaced again at another shop. If it was not seated correctly or was defective it could be castng a bad reflection (poor beam pattern).