Headlight design

“I simply polish mine every time I wax the cars and have never had any yellowing problem.”

+1, Bing!

Even after 10 years, my '02 Outback’s headlight lenses looked just as good as the day it was delivered. Simply waxing them seems to have been very effective.

Go back to glass sealed beams and end this problem,my 06 dodges lenses are in pretty good shape despite never being waxed or polished,it spends most of its time at home in a metal carport(when it can stay at home) sunlight is never kind to plastic-Kevin

The new Cherokee is first cousin to a Juke. Ugly, both. The old Datsun F10 had ugly lights front and rear, with an hexagonal motif. That was one ugly little car. I suspect we’re going to see more strange designs as increased used of LEDs gives greater design flexibility. The lights can be spread out all over the place.

Currently a lot of the LED strips are just daytime running lights. The handful of cars using exclusively LED lights look fairly normal, but over time they will get more unusual.

They might not. While LEDs are now approved as headlights, things like lumens out, beam pattern, beam intensity, etc. remain unaffected by the change in light source. Those required design elements will probably cause headlights to remain as two pods, even if LEDs are used.

Personally, I would not want to see dramatic changes to headlights, mainly because of the recognition factor from other drivers. We recognize a car coming the other way by its headlights and react in a programmed manner, but if, for example, the “headlights” were a string of LEDs across the front of the car, I think it would confuse a lot of drivers, especially older drivers.

Imagine if, in the future, all illumination was done in the IR/UV bands? This is something LEDs could bring to the table. The days of blinding oncoming drivers would be history. The addition of IR/UV detection would allow for heads up displays and automatic road hazard identification from inanimate or living things or other cars (360 degree illumination including braking). That would be necessary as pedestrians would not be able to see you coming…

It’s interesting to note, as you drive down the road, that large trucks, for the most part, still use Sealed Beam Headlight Bulbs…Why? because they work so much better…

Interesting concept, TT.

large trucks, for the most part, still use Sealed Beam Headlight Bulbs…Why? because they work fit the application so much better…


Driving behind a pair of 6014H sealed beams is such a revelation…It’s like Wow! I can see at night again!

Prior to escaping Southern California and returning to Oregon I had a Datsun B210 for a company car. Yes the 1970s depression had sunk that low. People and companies were dumping their mid and full size American V8 vehicles for a dime on the dollar and buying Japanese compacts for two dollars on the dollar due to the phony oil shortage. It’s strange that soon after gas prices doubled there was a sudden oil surplus! In the later 1970s I had a fairly crappy job installing body side molding, pin striping tape, and vinyl roofs on cars. It was mostly at dealerships that had a real dog which was not selling so they spent a few bucks to “jazz” it up. The side molding was actually functional and not bad looking. The pin stripe tape was well…tape. I absolutely hated vinyl roofs on anything but did not feel guilty installing them on Datsun F10s. You can’t ruin a turd!


"Prior to escaping Southern California . . . "

I’m still “stuck” here

But that’s because I chose to move here

I still see plenty of cars which had the aftermarket vinyl roofs retrofitted. Interestingly enough, most of these cars seem to be located in the worst areas, often driven by questionable individuals

I also wasn’t a fan of the vinyl roofs. I didn’t even like factory vinyl roofs

I didn’t actually dislike the pinstripes. But they tend to fade and peel off, in time

I never cared for vinyl roofs, but the one on my '76 Corolla did make it look nicer. It was a medium blue car with a bright white vinyl roof and a white interior. Very '70s.

I had a 1970 Chevy Malibu with a sky blue exterior, white vinyl roof, and while leatherette interior. The vinyl roof looked good on that car.

I had vinyl roofs on my 74 Cutlass, 81 Olds, and 89 Riviera. Gold, Blue and maroon. They all looked very good and added to the appearance. Never was a fan of white.

Sorry, but it’s a scientific fact…vinyl roofs are ugly.

Somebody liked them, or they would’na kept selling them.
Like the wings and spoilers on the backs of economy sedans.

Sheesh. Kids.

To improve the styling of an F10 you oils have had to run the vinyl all the way down to the new side molding. We can say it has opera windows, from an old opera house where the boxes had full draperies, so the inhabitant could lean back and focus on the music and snore gently.

The F10 has long been on my list of ugliest cars (since I first saw one.) But which is worse, the coupe with its odd hexagonal taillights that match the headlight bezels, or the 2-door wagon, which looks like a clog. From the side the coupe is less bad, with the glass echoing that of the Porsche 924, but the ends are so bad. The wagon looks awful from the side and front, but blandly anonymous from the rear, like most Japanese wagons of the time. I guess they both make the list. Most Japanese cars before the eighties had no real styling, with very rate exceptions, mostly sporty cars. Did the 240Z designer next create the B210 or something similar. Multiple personalities?

That wing is silly. I don’t want a car that looks like a swan boat.