Headlight bulb replacement?

So, I attempted to replace the drivers side headlight bulb in my daily driver- 2014 Honda CRV. The headlight is protected by a removeable rubber boot…which didn’t/ does not seem to want to come out of its socket. Best way to remove the boot without tearing it? (Or assume that the 8 yo rubber will tear, and buy replacement boots as well as bulbs next time?)

Looks like it just pulls out by the tabs. Nit sure if a small screwdriver slipped in to help pry it out would hurt or not. video little said through 2014, hope it is applicable.

will give it a shot- thanks!

On my pontiac you pull the whole headlight assembly off to get room to work on it. Might help in your case.

If it’s like my 1999 Civic, with your fingertips pull the outer edge of the rubber boot away from the light housing, carefully, moving around its circumference so you don’t tug too far at any point. That way you’re less likely to tear the boot. You can unplug the electrical connector before or after you get the boot slid off, whichever is easier.

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Yep; unplugged the connector first. Did end up “working” the loose end of the boot around , so that it finally came off.

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Interesting, thanks. I don’t know if the whole thing does come out on this one.

Everything put together by man can be taken apart by same.

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Especially if you have the appropriately sized hammer.


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Never underestimate the power of the BFH

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My car is the Acura RDX, secretly (shhh!) the same basic vehicle as the CRV.

If it’s the low beam, there’s a cap to remove first. A small twist (maybe about 1/8th of a twist) turns it where it can be pulled off. It can be very stiff and also hard to get a good grip on, and without much space, you can’t get a good angle for leverage. Try gloves, since the plastic digs into your fingers and since it’s hard to get a good grip, and muscle it off.

If it’s the high beam, it’s not what looks like a rubber boot to remove. Just a small twist of the back of the bulb itself, and one twisted where the tabs and notches line up, pull out.

I’m not sure if the deep link here will work, but here’s a picture of the back of the headlight, probably similar to yours. Look closely, toward the middle is the cap/over over the low beam. Off to the side, the back of the bulb for the high beam. Link is: https://res.cloudinary.com/brocksupply/image/upload/7221-0112LR_2.jpg

See also another thread about dim low-beams on the 2013-2015 Acura RDX. There’s a chronic flaw in the Acura RDX that should be a recall. I’m not sure if it affects the CR-V. If your issue is low beams being really dim, even with working bulbs, you may have the same problem.

EDIT: The CRV looks like it has a different headlight assembly (good for you!). The twisting and manpower suggestions may still apply though.