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2006 Honda Accord Headlamp Changing Conundrum

I’ve checked the owner’s manual for changing the driver’s side low beam on my 2006 Accord 4cyl. It tells me to remove two holding clips from the inner fender, then pull the inner fender cover away from the fender and bumper.

Sounds straightforward, except I’ve gotten under there and hunted for the two mysterious holding clips, and can’t find them. I’ve found about 27 holding clips that obviously keep the inner fender cover attached to the metal rim of the fender, and some clips in random places that don’t do anything, but no obvious holding clips.

Any help?

Perhaps a Haynes manual from the parts store would be more informative. I don’t have any personal experience to offer on this one.

My 07’ accord is the same way. With my arthritis its impossible.
Honda blew this setup. sorry no help.

I think that’s what I’ll have to do. siiiigh. My Civic was so much easier.

I don’t have arthritis, and it’s still impossible! The only way I can see to remove the headlamp is to take out the battery and go at it from the top. I can just feel the connector if I waggle both arms in there, but squeezing the tab and unlocking the connector and putting my right foot in and my right foot out is totally out of the question.

Removing the holding clips is a hard way to work around if you follow the Honda Owner’s Manual. To remove the low beam headlight on passenger side, simply access underneath the hood, remove the power connector by pressing the clip, and turn counterclockwise of the lamp/bulb, and gently remove it. Easy as that. Much better than following the Honda manual.