Head light bulbs

I have a 1999 buick regal and I never had to change the bulbs. Do you think I should put in new low beam bulbs and would they make a difference?

You normally only replace bulbs when they burn out. Unless there is a better and newer product on the market (I don’t’know of any), you don’t need to do anything.

What kind of difference are you looking for. If the low beam bulb is burned out, I would guess it is going to make a difference.

The bulb will not glow brighter. But you will avoid losing your headlamp after dark. You could consider it preventative maintenance. Another consideration is that you might get a ticket or warning for driving without 2 headlamps. My daughter got a warning the other day because 2 of the appliqu? lamps were burned out on the rear of our 1998 Regal. She had to get it inspected by the local police, who signed the warning. She then had to mail the signed affidavit to the citing police department. That qualifies as a PITA, which you can avoid.

" Another consideration is that you might get a ticket or warning for driving without 2 headlamps."

Any time I’m at a business with a plate-glass front at night I do the following: facing, low/high beams, both parking, both turns, hazards. Then, turn car around and check 2 tail lights, three brakes, turns, hazards, reverse, liscence plates.

1 min. max, and I don’t have to leave the car.

That is the traditional viewpoint, you are correct. I think it is obsolete. Some months ago, a California attorney posted on the Sienna Club, I think it was, that California cops had started writing moving violations for bad lights, not a fix-it ticket, and it will affect insurance.

Also, law enforcement URL’s report they are seizing 1 out of 20 cars they search, and bad lights is a very common probable cause to stop drivers, and try to browbeat them into permitting a search (which was ruled unconstitutional in Knowles v. Iowa, 1998, SCOTUS but they still do it.)

It simply isn’t worth the PITA. And, bulbs don’t cost that much, in comparison to the hassle you avoid.

IMO, at some distance, in my case based on my first bulb failure at 84,000 miles, it will be every 70,000 miles, simply replace all external bulbs.

If you carry ‘contraband’ it becomes even more imperative to keep those bulbs in top shape. Heh, heh.

This sounds like greedy government grubbing for more money.

I can usually see both headlamps reflected in the car ahead’s bumper or paint job.