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Head Gaskets on a Subaru

I have a head gasket failure on a 2000 Subaru Legacy with 173,000 miles on it. There’s nothing else wrong with the car, but I really don’t know if I should get rid of it and get another car (and all the associated fees with that) or replace the head gaskets.

Also, if I do decide to replace them, I’ve been quoted $1600, is that fair?

I would say that a lot would depend on why the gaskets are being replaced. If it’s due to minor oil or coolant weepage then it’s feasible.
If it’s due to overheating and the gasket(s) are blown or if coolant is diluting the engine oil then it may not be feasible.

I’d run a compression test and get a ball park idea on what shape the piston rings are in before doing this job. The price could be about right but a lot depends on the local too. Some areas have much higher labor rates than others.