Head gasket

Recently on a trip the head gasket blew out in my 2004 Subaru Forester. The dealership that the car was towed to indicated that there was no coolant in the radiator but found a gray sludge like substance in radiator. No leak found in radiator and no leaks from radiator hoses. When they added 1.5gallons of water, found oil residue coming out of air filter. Also water coming out of spark plugs after they were removed and #3 cylinder.Dealership indicated vehicle had internal engine failure and required replacement of engine and component parts. The Warranty had expired. Estimated cost at Subaru authorized dealer was $6711.

Previously, efore leaving on my trip radiator was checked to confirm coolant in radiator was full. Also checked oil level. No Check Engine Light came on previous to blown head gasket and engine failure.

Question. What caused head gasket to blow. Any history of blown head gaskets on 2004 Subaru Forester 2.5X models?

“Any history of blown head gaskets on 2004 Subaru Forester 2.5X models?”

While they do not fail at anywhere near the rate of the '96-'03 2.5 engines, these newer 2.5 liter engines also have a history of this type of failure. I strongly suggest that you contact Subaru of America to inquire if they will give you “good will” financial help with this repair. If you are the original owner, and if you can demonstrate that you have maintained the car properly, there is a decent chance that they will help with the cost.

You might see if you have a used Japanese engine importer in your area. They can usually provide a low mileage, running engine from a recycled car from Japan. These companies will usually install their engines. Check one of these out and get an estimate.

1996-2004 with the 2.5L non turbo are head gasket blowers in Subaru’s.

Head gasket weepage is one thing; head gasket blowing is another.

Blowing is most often caused by 2 things;
Failure to stop then and there when the engine does overheat.

So what was the dashboard temperature gauge doing before the head gasket let go?