Head gasket repair

I have a 2000 Subaru Forester with 138,800 miles on it. The dealer’s service department says I need to have the head gasket repaired. That was several months ago. I’ve been driving it with no problem, but it has started to feel sluggish and hesitant. (I can sympathize.) They told me that it would cost me about $2 grand to have it fixed. Then a friend told me that Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket repair would fix it, for the cost of the bottle of stuff and the time it would take a repair shop to drain the antifreeze, dry the engine, pour the stuff in and let it set.

What say you? I am thinking I’ll sell this car in the next six months (maybe), so I’m not sure I want to put 2 thousand bucks in it. I’d love to hear the pros and cons. Thanks!

No need to “dry the engine,” just dump it in…

You will of course tell the fish who buys this fine car about the blown head gasket, right?

Pros: you’ll squeeze a bit of extra life out of it…maybe.

Cons: it may restrict or coat other orafices and channels in the cooling system, ones you’d like to keep open.

If you do try it, I’d recommend full disclosure when you sell it. Although most state’s have “as-is” laws governing specifically auto sales, honesty will keep your conscience clear.

This specific product specifies (all over their website www.barsproducts.com) that the antifreeze MUST be flushed from the cooling system. I did misread the “dry the engine” thing on the spec sheet. It’s that you have to leave the radiator cap off for 24 hours after you put the stuff in. It doesn’t sound like this is a “dump it in” job. The whole process looks like it’d take a day and a half.

I hear that there are cheaper versions of the stuff (maybe those are “dump it in” brands?) , but this one was recommended by an amateur shade tree mechanic.

Definitely will disclose this quick fix to whomever buys the car.