Head gasket or intake gasket leak

Car is 2001 Chev Malibu- over heating, puking hot water through over flow tube at resevoir- suspect water on oil dip stick-

I have read some of the post on the GM/Dexcool problem- All gaskets were replaced 18 months ago as was the water pump, thermostat, etc.

Is there a way to determine if the blown gasket it either a head or intake?

What do you call all gaskets.

All gaskets= heads, intake upper and lower- everything that comes in a head gasket replacement kit-

what brand? please don’t say FEL PRO,blue stripe series

Fel Pro Permatorque-

intake gasket leak wont push water back into the reservoir

The head gasket and intake manifold gaskets are two totally different kits.

If the coolant is being pressured out of the reservoir (coolant overflow container) I’m going to say you have a blown head gasket. Perhaps a faulty installation.

Thank you all for the information- “bad intake gasket wont push water back into resevior” and “coolant being pressured out of resevior = head gasket” is the info I was looking for. Looks like head gasket time-

check the heads carefully,for pitting of any nature,dexcool is awful.
and warpage.