2001 Malibu question on overheat--

The coolant is blowing out the overflow when engine is running. The hoses are new, radiator is clean, thermostat replaced. No press test or coolant gas check has been done.

I suspect a headgasket a crack but I seldom workon GMs and would like an opinion from some of the vets here. Appreciate it very much. LEE

As a GM owner (not a Malibu), I am well aware of the over-heating faults.

This unfortunate event (more blown intake manifold gaskets than blown head gaskets) happened to just about all GMs from 1996 to 2003.
(Moreso to the V6s than the V8s)

I own a 2002 Chev Tahoe 5.3L and with over 122k miles on it has never had any gasket faults.

The reservoir overflowing may well be due to a bad head gasket, but a coolant pressure test is needed to determine if the head gasket is leaking.

Are there any other symptoms noticeable? Have you noticed any white smoke from the tailpipe?

Something else you may want to keep in mind is that during the time span I mentioned, the intake manifold gaskets were failing steadily.

Poor gasket/boltdown design caused air to mix with the Dexcool coolant (creating acid) and then soon after the gaskets deteriorated and leaked. (Mostly to the inside and mixed with the engine oil causing serious damage.

GM never once made a recall. Surprised? NOT!

It happened to my 2000 Olds Silhouette 3.4L shortly after the 45k mileage rolled around.

I was very aware of the problem and ‘nipped it in the bud’, so to speak.

By this time GM had released a new revised gasket kit.

I had my favorite independent tech install it for me, replaced the Dexcool (after a good flush and oil/filter change) and now with 90+k miles on it, I am happy to report there have been NO problems.

A lot of owners and techs prefer to change out the Dexcool coolant for the old style green coolant to avoid future problems. The choice is yours.

RR, I haven’t seen the vehicle as it belongs to my niece who lives a distance away. I had to rely on what she told me to post, and don’t know of any other symptoms. I would have done a cyl leakage test if I worked on it. Thanks for the info, and I’ll tell her to have it checked for a manifold leak as well as a head gasket. LEE

Had the same problem with my 1988 Caprice 305V8; the guy who replaced the intake manifold gasket said he had done so many, he could do this in his sleep! Also told me by acting fast I had avoided possible severe engine damage.