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Head gasket for buick v6, which type?

1995 buick century, 3.1l V6 time to change the head gasket as im starting to get white coolant smelling exhaust with a tiny whiff of gas missed in as well as rough idle.

there are two different gasket sets available as im trying to figure out which set to get.

First Design; With Ball And Pivot Rocker Arms; Without Push Rod Guides On Intake Gasket

Second Design; With Roller Rocker Arms; With Push Rod Guides On Intake Gasket

any way to know which i need without getting elbow deep into the engine before hand?

perhaps by VIN, 1G4AG55M6S646XXXX

Remove the front valve cover and look at the rocker arms.

It’s got to come off anyways.


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Wouldn’t just be simpler to buy both from a local parts house and return the one you don’t need ? Makes more sense than putting your VIN on an open web site.

This is the service bulletin that shows how to identify the type of rocker arm;