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04 Buik Rainier

I have an 04 Buik Rainier w/ under 80,000 miles. I belive it need’s a head gasket. Um finding that is loosing coolant, building pressure and it smell’s sweet at the exhoust. I have alway’s done regular maintainence and never would have thought of a head gasket going at 80,000 miles !

It has a 4.2 liter V6 Engine.

Has this beem a promblem with the GM 4.2 Liter ?

Do you think GM would warrenty such an item ?

Is there something I could try (except for stop leak) to try and see if it’s something else?



I can’t say whether or not head gaskets have been a problem with this engine, but your description sure sounds like a bad head gasket.

At 80K miles, I’d guess warranty is out of the question, but I suppose it’s worth a try.

The only remedy for a bad head gasket is a new head gasket. Don’t waste your time and/or money on miracles in a bottle. They won’t work.

There are several tests that can determine, without a doubt, whether or not a head gasket is leaking. Don’t guess, have the tests done by a competent mechanic.

Check your owner’s manual to see if the drive train warranty is still in effect.

Intake manifold gasket is also a possibility.