He designed his own hearse

The specially-built Land Rover hearse that will carry Prince Philip’s coffin was designed by him:

Ugly as a mud fence.

Well I hope they fill it up with oil first. I think he was a straight up guy though but as they say “I never knew ye”. God save the Queen.

Reportedly this one’s electric or at least a hybrid conversion, But it’s still going to find a way to leak.

Hopefully they can keep it running until the funeral is over, but–at the end of the day–it is a Rover…

I agree it’s definitely not a beautiful vehicle

It looks utilitarian, and I guess that’s okay

One of our city’s long-term council members died recently . . . he was retired at the time

Anyways, one of our fleet’s schoolbus yellow trucks carried the casket. It may have been chosen because it had a hydraulic liftgate

and it was a vehicle I’ve worked on many times over the years :smiley:

I’ll say this about the royal family . . .

For the most part I couldn’t care less

But I do respect that they served in the military, although from what I understand, the situations were usually manipulated, so that they weren’t likely to be in the direct line of fire, so to speak

Feel free to correct me, if I’m incorrect :thinking:

The Queen was a mechanic so not likely to get shot at but bombed would be another issue. She may have provided some technical consulting on the vehicle.

And, the consensus from folks in The UK who should know more about it than we do, is that Philip would likely have risen much further in The Royal Navy on his own accord if his military service hadn’t been “terminated” by his marriage to The Princess.

Just to keep this car-oriented, it was only a couple of years ago that we were discussing Philip’s car accident. Apparently, he pulled into traffic w/o adequately judging the speed of approaching traffic, and was T-boned. I believe that this was the last time that he drove–at the age of 97.

Prince Philip, 97, in car crash after Land Rover he was driving is ‘T-boned’ by people carrier and rolls near Queen’s Sandringham estate (thesun.co.uk)

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I was actually thinking of the younger royals . . .

I seem to remember reading that the current male royal family members’ military situations were manipulated, so that a likely successor to the throne wouldn’t knowingly be placed in a situation where he would possibly/probably be killed

As for that Land Rover . . . it’s interesting that it rolled off the assembly line several years ago, but took several years of alterations to reach its current condition

The prince was a royal, not a commoner. He would not have been an officer to start with if he came in off the street. In English society you are royalty or commoner. House of Lords? House of Commons? The military is 100% connections in Britain. Watch the sharpe miniseries with Sean bean. Kinda silly but good acting.

Yup, way back it is my understanding that they actually just bought their rank. It was the thing to do if you were an aristocrat. No ROTC for them. Some bad some surprisingly good.

Assuming it makes it to the cemetery without a breakdown.

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He actually designed it? I really doubt that. He probably had his secretary make a phone call telling Range Rover and/or the modification company what he wanted and to “make it so”. He probably didn’t do so much as raise a finger.