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Having trouble reversing in 91 Civic

I’m wondering if this caller has bothered letting the owners of the victim cars know that she has “tapped” into them? The brothers were very polite to this caller but the answer they should have given was that if she was having difficulty reversing her car that she probably should not be driving. It could be an infant or animal that she “taps” into next time.

I have a ‘95 Accord. It was recently in the body shop for a week (smashed into while parked at the library) and I drove a rental – a Ford Focus. I was incredulous at the lack of visibility out of the rear window. A child of almost 4 ft. could walk behind the car and you wouldn’t be able to see it. It was frightening. I’ve noticed since then that virtually every car on the market is designed like that. Sure they can add beepers and video cameras – but that adds cost that increase manufacturers’ profits. Why can’t they just make rear windows lower? My response – do everything to keep my Accord as long as possible so I don’t have to get a car with such lousy rear visibility.

Doggymom, you’re entirely correct about modern cars having poor rearward visibility (however, a 91 Civic is exactly the opposite). Ironically that poor visibility stems from safety regulations. Cars are now designed to meet a requirement that if you hit a pedestrian, you have to hit him high enough that he’s not launched, cartwheeling into the air where he might slam into your windshield. I’m not really clear on how this is safer than getting hit so that he falls down and then gets run over by your vehicle, but what do I know? :wink: Because the front of the car now has to be higher, they have to raise the rear as well both for aerodynamic and styling reasons.

At this point, I feel most new vehicles should be equipped with a backup camera to compensate for the terrible rearward visibility. When I learned that my 07 had one as part of its navigation option, I thought it was stupid - -until I actually drove the car. Now, if it hadn’t come with one, I’d have installed one myself.

I was listening and thought, “Wow! This woman just should not be driving!” Then I realized that she was talking about the limited visibility. I have a 2006 Honda Civic and the new design of the front windshield causes problems for me. The dash bows, so there’s a gradual incline on each end of the dash. I’m vertically challenged. From the driver’s side, it’s difficult to see through the passenger side corner when making right turns. I have no problem with the driver’s side, because I can angle my head to see what’s outside the window. I am a very experienced driver, and felt really dumb popping front passenger tires and having to adjust my alignment at least once/year. Now, I take what I feel to be wide turns. I haven’t hit a curb in a good while, now — fingers are crossed. I am thankful I can at least see behind me when I put the gears in reverse.

kit I bought mounts under bumper skin and has a range of 2-3 feet. Bought at wal-mart