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Have you ever?

How many of you worked on a small engine piece of machinery or on a part like a belt tensioner, picked up a sealed bearing by the inner race between your thumb and forefinger and spun the outer race? Then put it down without giving it another thought?

Probably the closest I"ve came to that is tuning up a mt. bicycle freewheel. After a thorough cleaning and lubing, it’s difficult to not want to give it a quick spin by hand before re-installing.

I do it every time if it is a sealed bearing or not.

OK, you’re missing my point. I do this all the time. Never realized I was right on the cusp of inventing a popular toy. The fidget spinner.


OK, I see what you mean. I sometimes take old electronics stuff apart for fun and parts. One of my favorite parts is the vdo head spinner bearing on vdo tape machines. It must be a really precise bearing set, virtually no play at all, yet spins free as a bird. I could imagine it would make a gadget a kid might would want to play with in their hands, like a slinky, or those soft rubber toys things, sort of looked liked a curled up porcupine, you’d hold in your hands if you were bored at a business meeting or something.

I have. Probably too many times to count.
I’m one who will not discard anything until I’ve torn it down, thoroughly analyzed it, and determined that it cannot be repaired, and then searched for a way to repurpose it… which I often find. I have tons of parts and assemblies that I’m still waiting to repurpose. Having always been this curious, I cannot help but do stuff like you described.

Saw a figget spinner, 3 bucks one place 6 buck another, yes I spelled it wrong, no I did not buy one but no grease no fudd, fidget spinner wins.

Yup. I like to spin them with the air compressor though just to hear them whine. I know its not good but I can’t help it.

I too used to spin them with a compressor just to hear them whine, though it was a good way to dry the bearing after washing it.

I also heard how someone lost his fingers doing that when the bearing came apart.


LOL, Keith, I remember those well.

They’re a better way to kill some time than some others. During the bombing of Hanoi in '72 we “stood down” for 24 hours on Christmas (the bombers went quiet) and sit in the shop shooting paper clips through the acoustical ceiling with rubber bands!