Have you ever wondered what it's like to drive a duck boat? We found out


There’s also Duck tours in Wash. DC, unfortunately closed for now:

It looks like there are 12 cities with Duck Tours. One great thing about the Baltimore tour is that you can get a lot closer to Fort McHenry than the Brits did in September 1814.

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There have been several fatal Duck Boat accidents over the last 22 years.
Duck boats linked to more than 40 deaths since 1999 (apnews.com)

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LOL. They got pretty close to the white house during that campaign if my history is correct!

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Close enough to to burn it down. If Baltimore hadn’t held, the Colonies would have been cut in half, and we might be part of Canada now. The British Army landed nearby and were repelled at the Battle of North Point. I dated a woman that lived next to the battlefield when I work nearby.

Fun article!

If you want to do a sequel and drive an original WWII DUKW, they’ve got 'em (or at least claim they do) in Wisconsin Dells, which is a resort/water park cluster about in the middle of the state.

Seattle’s duck boat tours filed for bankruptcy about a year ago, a few years after the accident on the Aurora Bridge.

We took the duck boat tour in Wisconsin Dells. I had confidence i them until the Ozark accident. Now I dunno. They have the Amphacars at Disney. Guy from Minnesota owns them. I never rode them though, they just seem a little low in the water. I had complete confidence paddling my duck boat though. No ducks but good exercise.

Same with Boston. They were closed last year due to Covid. Not sure if they’ll open this year. I haven’t heard yet. Never got the chance to drive one…but I have taken the 3 hour tour (actually I think it’s an hour). It’s pretty fun.

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