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Have to replace my TDi ... need suggestions

I’ve never owned a Toyota or a Honda although I would not mind owning both. “So many cars. So little time”!

I recently had a rental 2015 Mazda 3 and it was a fun car to toss around corners. Not extremely fast but a manual transmission should help. Was getting close to 40 MPG on my drive which is 70% fwy.

The thing I did not like was the tablet like screen glued to the top of the dash instead of a radio but I know this is a new trend and Lexus, BMW, etc are doing it. I am getting old I guess.

Another car coming soon in hatch and all models available manual for 2017 is Honda Civic. The previous models were quite boring cars compared to the fun to drive 80’s counterparts. Finally Civic is back in 2016 redesign.

The mpg is excellent. The fixed tdi(if it happens) will likely be close in mpg to a recent civic because Vw cheated.strong text

FWIW . . . I find the current Civic to look nice from the front, but HIDEOUS from the back

The TDi is hardly a thing of beauty! I can’t figure out if OP is interested in aesthetics or uniqueness. The Tdi has neither,

Beauty is certaintly subjective

My colleague really likes the looks of the current Civic and is planning on getting one

I merely said “Good for you. I hope you like it”

I kept my opinion about its looks to myself

I am trying to not be offended by the comments here, obviously there are
many opinions on my car and my desire not to own a boring and uneventful
I chose the TDI for many reasons. First being power, the fuel economy was a
bonus. I love the way it handles compared to my previous cars and the price
was right.
Now I am looking for a replacement that is all of the things listed. It’s
not about the beautify but by no means is this as ugly as a Prius.
I am hoping to get a hatchback type that is also more interesting than
previously mentioned vehicles.
Sorry my choices offend commenters, but I am trying to find what makes me
happy not want everyone else thinks is right.
Thanks again for all the suggestions.
I have some test driving to do.

The new Civic hatchback is available with the turbo 4 and a manual tranny, should be very good, reliable, roomy, economical, AND fun!

I’ll say it yet again

Keep the car

Get the official VW fix

And take the money

Since you like the car so much, and we’ve already established it will NOT handle like a Camry with the factor fix

By Jove Mr. DB I do believe you have found the proper solution.

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That sounds more like it.

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The devil you know . . .


Sorry guys (and ladies if it applies) that is one ugly car!!!

My point exactly . . . beauty IS subjective

Close the hood and the TDI engine is no longer an eye sore.

No one knows how the fix will affect car performance or how it will affect reliability. There is no way for you to test drive a car with the fix, before making your decision. You are trusting VW to do the fix right and not do the cheapest piece of crap fix. :wink: I consider that a high risk option.

Just get the gasoline powered version of your VW.

I completely understand you and not wanting a boring appliance for a vehicle. I have owned a lot of VW’s over the years and I once said never again. I bought a 2002 Passat and wasn’t happy with that.

Then VW comes out with the new GTI and I fell in love with it, even traded a 14 BMW 328 in for it. The GTI is just so much better than the 328 I had. It’s been a year and 15k no problems or regrets. It’s also a recommended buy on Consumer Reports. Good luck with your search.