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Have to gas car to start it and now it randomly dies when driving it

Why do I have to put my foot on the gas to start up the car and keep it going when I first turn it on. Also my car has started to die randomly when I am driving it. Seems to happen when I come to a stop and start to turn. All eletronics stay on but the wheel locks up and engine has died. My oil and volt light come on when this happens.

Model year? Mileage? Engine size?

Is it fair to say the car stalls, while driving, almost always when at idle? (Meaning foot off the gas pedal.) If so, that–in conjunction with the trouble starting–suggests that the idle’s set too low.

What especially suggests that is “coming to a stop and starting to turn.” The car’s idling slowly, but just fast enough to keep running without using the power steering. Adding the power steering, however, increases load on the engine just enough to stall it.

The problem might be with the Idle Air Control or IAC valve. This valve is mounted on the throttle body and allows air into the engine anytime the gas pedal isn’t depressed so the engine is able to idle. If this valve is faulty, the engine won’t start unless you step on the gas pedal. Doing this allows air into the engine. The engine will also stall when stopped or when the gas pedal is released while making a turn.

To confirm if this is the problem, the next time you feel the engine is about to stall, with your left foot on the brake pedal, slightly step on the gas pedal. If doing this prevents the engine from stalling, the problem is with the IAC valve circuit.