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2001 Lexus ES 300 stalls when foot removed from gas pedal

I have a 2001 Lexus ES 300 and each time I start the car the RPMs will dive straight back to 0 and the car will die unless I keep my foot on the gas pedal (foot off pedal = RPMs drop to 0 and car dies). However, once I get up to speed and drive for a while, the RPMs will eventually return to normal and I can take my foot off the pedal without worrying about the RMPs dropping to 0 and having the car stall.

This problem used to happen sporadically but now it happens almost every time I start the car. I’ve taken it to two separate mechanics (both “repaired” the problem but it started to come back after a week of driving, I’ve forgotten what changes they did to it as this happened a while ago – but from now on I will make sure to document what’s being repaired so I can finally get this problem fixed).

Thanks for any input!

The first thing to check is the Idle Air Control.

Is the check-engine light on when this happens?

I’ve read online that the IAC could be the problem, the check-engine light was on, the mechanic fixed it, but it’s back on, and he says the light is on because of some fuel sensor (not exactly sure) and that it’s not a problem. I’ll see if I can remove the throttle assembly and cleaned the IAC and throttle body.