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Have they?

Have they started the new format yet ? Everything looks the same to me,still cant discern the recent discussions and the distracted driving still has an amazing 17 discussions ,(OMG ,cant do a general discussion though (a true one would steal some thunder -Kevin

I don’t know. I’d like a general discussion too. I just about said something about not being able to stand listening to that guy on TV anymore. Don’t believe a word he says now and can’t wait for the end of it. Said the same thing toward the last of the last guy so guess I’m firmly neutral. I don’t like any of them. I voted with my finger though and shut the TV off.

Hey, Kevin. Nope, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. We haven’t launched the new edition of the forum yet. There were some setbacks that pushed the timeline back, but we hope to begin testing it out soon.

@kmccune didn’t you know that they already launched the new forums about two months ago.
All these posting on this page are reruns…just like the show.

Too bad for your too. The first month or so they even had us all fill in our wish lists and we all got gifts. I got the engine analyzer. :wink:


That’s nothing. I got a couple free oil changes (parts extra) when I got my new badge.

Well ,Hockey puck,always a minute too late . ( liked to have received a new flux capacitor )

I got a new flux capacitor and came back in time just to write this post.

So thats what has been wrong all along ,that explains why I am 30 seconds behind(can someone lend me their flux capacitor just long enough so I can get back in phase ?)There are no DeLoreans around here ,will it work on an 06 Dakota?

I got a flux capacitor and now I remember writing this post…

Okay ,I see now what I have been missing ,a new flux capacitor on my " Charlie Brown "Christmas " list ,wait ,maybe I need the "Yes Virginia " list darn it ,if they hadnt made the things ,I wouldnt be craving one now .
( I got a TSB from McFly ,wont work on a Dakota ,guess I’m sunk )

Just got a TSB from McFly ,wont work on my Dakota ,guess thats the name of that tune .

You folks that got the free-bee flux capacitor, any tips on future sporting event scores would be appreciated :wink:

Sure. The UCONN women’s basketball team will win their next regular season game by more than 30 points.

Speaking of Back to the Future…does it amuse anyone else that the “future” depicted in Back to the Future 2 just past us by last year? And to my knowledge we don’t have flying cars yet. But I could be wrong about that.

It really isnt practical the way we are trying to do it,but never say never,if a compact .light weight ,fuel efficient powerplant ,that is completely reliable ,becomes availible ,the flying car may become a reality,however ,do you want the average road rage critter flying over your house ?Perhaps some tech is best ignored .

Flying cars…heck, private plane ownership is rapidly dying off. Most attempts to build a vehicle that does two things…flying cars, amphibious vehicles…result in something that does two things poorly. If you want to fly somewhere that badly, it’s better to just rent a car when you land.

Some MIT engineering students built a “personal drone” that carries a passenger. Perhaps a drone configuration melded with an untralightweight car attached will be the ultimate result. :smile:

Well they did make a prototype electric VTOL .that was easy to fly and safe (as such things can be) it would carry a person ,but its a far cry from a flying car,as MJ said a jack of all trades does everything poorly,case in point the JSF( they should have looked in other areas for commonality and cost savings )
Just happened to look on the " " site ,they have a kit for for a 4/5 ths scale .4x4 jeep replica that is amphibious.Just imagine .

Right. Just as the first Ford was a far cry from a modern Mustang.