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Have I been had? Missed alignment & tread gone on two new tires, incorrect rims were hitting calipers, wheel bearing & hub assembly, changes valve stems

Not to mention, he didn’t seem to mind doing it when it suited him:

That’s what I’m thinking as well…



I must mention to you that I had my brakes (front) changed just weeks earlier.

He’d taken it for a test drive and when I came to pick it up, he said “The noise you hear will go away in time”. Well, the noise never did. In fact the noise didn’t. It increased, in fact. I started driving my mom’s vehicule waiting for my appointment with them, as they were so booked and couldn’t take me right away.

He also has a new guy working for him. This guy is in training maybe he did the work. I don’t know.

So, when the mechanic talked about the alignment “too bad we missed that”, maybe he was referring to weeks earlier when they changed the brakes. Could that be???

Surely they would’ve noticed that they ruined the tread on my front Michelin’s when the brakes were changed?

Or maybe the trad only got ruined after the brakes were changed … ???

How do you know your 3 different rims are ok?

This shop has very serious miscommunication problems

They also sound like they’re just plain incompetent

And they perform work that was NOT authorized by the customer(s)

That alone should make you run away from them . . . as fast as you can

To tell you the truth, because of the miscommunication problems . . . on the part of the shop, from the sound of it . . . and the shop owner’s apparently horrible attitude, you probably won’t get much or any of your money back

You might have to start off fresh at another reputable shop. You might have to ask your friends, colleagues, neighbours, etc., to determine just who that is


I don’t know for certain, do I?

Taking his word for it…

I’ll have to get them independently checked out.

You’re right, I probably won’t get much of my money back unless I get a lawyer involved.

I’m certainly not going back…

Considering the price of tires it’s a good idea to check alignment any time new tires are installed. Even on vehicles like some pickup trucks that tend to keep their alignment.

Thank you. I will have the alignment checked from now on for new tires.

Do you think that the change of brake pads could’ve affected the alignment?

Definitely, but alignment is not part of the service when you get new tires. You have to pay for it separately.

Ordinarily no, but with this guy, who knows what he did when he was in there. That said, I still think it was the shady wheels.

Thanks! Yes, I agree - the wheels.

Never going back. May proceed with a lawyer …